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Change Log 02/06/12 - 21/09/12

Date Page Change

21/09/12 Home Updated 'site map'
20/09/12 Home Added a frame for three steps 'Online Appointment System'
17/09/12 Home Added link to download 'Pharmacy First' Information Leaflet
17/09/12 Home Added September GP Rota
16/09/12 Feedback AND Guestbook Added a link for 'Who's your NHS HERO?'
15/09/12 Home Added a link for 'FLU VACCINATION CAMPAIGN'
15/09/12 Home Added a link to a new page 'Royal Bolton Hospital Open Day'
14/09/12 Feedback AND Guestbook Added a link to 'NHS CHOICES' Feedback form
13/09/12 Useful Links Added QR Barcode for
07/09/12 Home Added a link to allow download 'New Patient Registrations' form
06/09/12 Home Added 'Bolton One' Health Departments
06/09/12 Home Delete 'Patient Survey'
04/09/12 Home 'Patient Survey' marked as Expired
04/09/12 Home Remove 'walk-in Centre' Tel. number + Edit 'Useful telephone numbers' Document
04/09/12 Home Announce raised amount at the previous 'Coffee morning'
01/09/12 Archives Added 'August 2012' Newsletter
01/09/12 Home Added 'September 2012' Newsletter
28/08/12 Home Remove links - 'bank holiday opening' AND 'Eid Mubarak'
20/08/12 Home Added link for 'Bank Holiday'
20/08/12 Home Added link to 'EID MUBARAK'
15/08/12 Home Added link to 'Patient Notice (Dr Wright)'
14/08/12 Home Added link for 'Namibia' coffee morning
14/08/12 Useful Links Added link for 'Vielife Online' & 'British Heart Foundation' & 'Blood Pressure Assoc'
14/08/12 Home (Diabetes Self Help Group) Added link for 'BD Medical - Diabetes Care' & 'Bayer - Diabetes care'
10/08/12 Home Added link to 'Nominate your NHS Hero'
09/08/12 Home Added Agenda 26.09.12
09/08/12 Archives Added Agenda 25.7.12
09/08/12 Home Added August GP Rota
07/08/12 Archives Added Minutes May 2012
07/08/12 Home Added Minutes July 2012
03/08/12 Home Added August newsletter
03/08/12 Archives Added July newsletter
31/07/12 Home Added link for "Walk-in centre's last day"
31/07/12 Home Added link for "Appointed Chair of The Board"
27/07/12 Useful Links Added link for "Care Quality Commission"
26/07/12 Calendar Added entries for "The Annual Health Fair", 19/09, 26/09, 03/10, 10/10
26/07/12 Home Added link for "The Annual Health Fairs"
25/07/12 Home Next Coffee Morning 29/08/12
25/07/12 Calendar Next PAG meeting 26/09/12
25/07/12 Home Next PAG meeting 26/09/12
12/07/12 Home Added link for 'changes to the health service'
09/07/12 Useful Links Added link for 'Bolton Health Choices'
05/07/12 Home Added 'GP Rota July 2012'
04/07/12 Diabetes self help Added 'Weight / BMI' sheet
03/07/12 Archives Added June newsletter
03/07/12 Home Added July Newsletter
02/07/12 Diabetes self help Added 'Foot test' recording sheet
02/07/12 Travel Links Added 'Travel risk assessment form' & 'Travel clinic charges'
02/07/12 Home Added 'Emergency Dental Service' link and amended 'useful telephone numbers' link
01/07/12 Diabetes self help Added 'Recording sheets'
29/06/12 Home Added 'Travel Links' Page
25/06/12 Diabetes Self help Added photos
25/06/12 Home Added a link for 'Diabetes Self Help' next meeting
25/06/12 Home Added a link for 'YELLOW FEVER CENTRE'
22/06/12 Home Added a link for 'Diabetes Self Help' page
17/06/12 Guestbook Added feedback from Ladybridge talkback Board
17/06/12 Archives Agenda 30/05/12
17/06/12 Home Agenda 25/07/12
13/06/12 Home Added 'Industrial Action' link
07/06/12 Archives Archived Minutes Apr 2012
07/06/12 Home Added Minutes May 2012
06/06/12 Home Added Important Patient Information (Bolton One and Hospital X-Ray Services)
06/06/12 Archives Archived May 2012 newsletter
06/06/12 Home Added June 2012 newsletter
02/06/12 Home Added 'GP Rota June 2012'

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