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Change Log 14/03/12 - 31/05/12

Date Page Change

31/05/12 Calendar Added next PAG meeting
31/05/12 Home Added bank holiday opening/closing, next PAG meeting
29/05/12 Home Self Help - added coping in hot weather
28/05/12 Home Added 'JOB VACANCY'
20/05/12 Usefuk Links Added 'LeadOpinion' link
07/05/12 Home Added a link to a new page 'Sitemap' - bottom of the page
07/05/12 Usefiul Links Added 'Arthritis Care' link
01/05/12 Home Added 'Bank Holiday Opening' Link
30/04/12 Useful Links Added 'Arthritis Research UK' link
27/04/12 Home / Archives Added May newsletter and archived April newsletter
25/04/12 Home Added a link for 'Diabetes Self Help Group' meeting
25/04/12 Home / Archives Added May agenda and archived April agenda
24/04/12 Calendar Added 'Diabetes Group' meeting' 20/06/12 @2pm
23/04/12 Home Added 'Coffee morning raised £35 in aid of NSPCC'
19/04/12 Home Added 'April 2012' PAG Minutes
19/04/12 Archives Added 'Mar 2012' PAG Minutes
19/04/12 Home Added 'Moving Home?' Button
19/04/12 Home Added 'Self Help (Minor Illnesses)' Button
15/04/12 Useful Links Added 'Patient UK' link
15/04/12 Useful Links Added 'NHS Direct' link
13/04/12 Home Added Useful Telephone Numbers Button
12/04/12 Health Video Added link to 'Health A-Z Conditions and Treatments'
12/04/12 Home Added next coffee morning announcement (bottom left)
11/04/12 Calendar Added next PAG meeting date
11/04/12 Home Added next PAG meeting date
04/04/12 Home Added Newsletter April 2012
04/04/12 Archives Added Newsletter March 2012
02/04/12 Home Added First Aid Advice (audios) button and sub pages
28/03/12 Home Added Agenda April 2012
28/03/12 Archives Added Agenda March 2012
27/03/12 Home Added contact numbers at the bottom of the page
26/03/12 Home Added Medication Review Clinic button
24/03/12 Health Video Added Say NO to SALT Video
24/03/12 Health Video Added ACT F.A.S.T video
23/03/12 Home Added Patient Survey button
22/03/12 Useful Links Added Food Standard Agency (SALT)
22/03/12 Useful Links Added Marie Curie
22/03/12 Home Added Repeat Prescription Survey button
22/03/12 Home Added Minor Illness Service button
22/03/12 Archives Added february PAG minutes
22/03/12 Home Added March PAG minutes
18/03/12 Useful Links Added link to FACEBOOK
18/03/12 Useful links Added GOOGLE Search box
18/03/12 Home Added a ticker (Animated Banner)
16/03/12 Calendar Amended to GOOGLE calendar
14/03/12 All New Site

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